Friday Favourites: Tea Towel Calendars

Because the first day of March is the appropriate time to talk about a 2013 calendar.

I am in love with tea towel calendars. I don't collect vintage ones, but I do have my own personal collection and it grows every year. And every year my husband questions why, but then I catch him standing in front of the hanging calendar checking dates at least once a week. It's because they are beautiful and damn handy. All the days of the year in one place. A bit of artwork on an otherwise odd wall of panelling backed cupboards.

Daily pretty.

This year I got my calendar from Jumping Birds. In past years I bought from Michelle Engel Benscko, but with Cloud 9 a booming success she wasn't producing calendars this year. Yay for her, sad (just a teeny bit) for me. But I'm thrilled with this year's version on my cupboard wall. And counting down the days until next year.