Five Little Things

In anticipation of Quilt Con - which is only 3 weeks away folks! - The Modern Quilt Guild asked folks to share 5 little facts about them. This is so when you see me on the show floor or are taking my class you can accost me with these random facts and I'll wonder how the hell you know these things about me.

I'm fairly open here and if you've been reading for a while you'll know plenty about me, including these tidbits from almost 5 years ago (I can now make rice krispie squares). That's why I had to dig deep for these five things.

1. I never wanted kids
Hubby married me knowing this. The moment I changed my mind came after a few too many beers and watching Adam Sandler's movie Big Daddy. Sad, but true. Look at me now.

2. I have a third nipple
So do other members of my family, our lovely genetic quirk. So when Friends was on and Chandler was teased about his, we knew what he was talking about.

3. I swear like a trucker
Having kids has tempered that tendency, a little. But it is a daily challenge to keep my language in check around other people.

4. There are at least 7 more books brewing in my head
I could work full-time on writing books and be deliriously happy, but I do need to pay attention to those kids I decided to have.

5.Seventies music rocks
Being born in the mid-70s, I was too young to remember the music specifically, but I have a weird obsession with having 70s music on whatever music channels are available. Even the soft rock stuff.