Holiday Reading

With all the chaos I've also been feeling very Grinchy. Bah Humbug to Christmas and all that! I would love nothing more than to crawl under a heavy load of quilts until January. Unfortunately, or fortunately, the kids don't let you get away with that.

I'm not sure where I'll land on the effort for Christmas this year, we're only just starting to think about the holiday in this house. The Evil Genius is off school as of tomorrow so I anticipate some baking and crafting. Shopping hasn't even started, although Hubby and I agree we're going small this year. A tree chopping adventure awaits. For now, something easy and simple. 

All the winter/Christmas books were pulled from the shelf and gathered in the living room. We've removed the TV from this space. Woohoo! I am definitely cheering about that. It has become a cozier, quiet space filled with colouring, handsewing, and lots of reading. So bring on the books about hockey (where else are we going to get it?), snow, bears, and the upcoming holiday. 

Perhaps my nights spent reading will change my spirits?

Any favourite winter/holiday reading recommendations?