I love to talk. Ask anyone who knows me, it's true. When I can't stand to hear one more word from my girls because all they do is talk talk talk talk talk talk I step back, remember my parents, and sigh knowingly. I'm lucky I'm still loved.

And I love to talk about quilts. Especially quilts. That's why I get such a thrill each time I head out the door with my suitcase of quilts. It always means that they get to see the light of day again (oh, the joys of living in the chaos of a reno) and it means I get to talk quilts.

At the front of the room a stack of quilts waits for willing volunteers to strain their arms holding up the big ones while I bounce around chit chatting with my hosts. With a gentle tsk I shoo them away from helping me set up because I like everyone to get the reaction when they see the quilts. I would also be tempted to start telling their stories right then and there. Those stories need to wait until the room is still and I take my place upfront. That means the business of the guilds must be attended to and everyone has their friends beside them. After what is always a lovely introduction by my host I start talking. And if it wasn't for questions or the need to vacate the hall I probably wouldn't stop.

Every quilt does indeed have a story. Sometimes it is a short one, with a focus on the process or the inspiration. Sometimes there is so much to be said that the volunteers tire from holding up the quilt while I yammer on and on. But the stories need to be shared. It isn't just about a pretty thing or a warm bed covering. Likewise the book has a story and I love to tell that one too. That's why you will find me in community halls, stores, and even on the street talking away.

I am always so happy when I get the call or the email to have me talk. Even more exciting is that people want to listen!

Currently, I'm booking trunk shows and classes well into the New Year. If you or your guild are interested, check out my classes page or send me an email. I'd love to hear from you!