Babes in Arms

Look closely. See the baby? Until today that little guy, carried there by husband was banned from Quilt Market. Just as he was there.

My husband travelled with me to Spring Quilt Market this past May. The baby was two months old so he came as support as a father and as a husband. But he spent his time wandering the streets of Kansas City and our hotel room because the baby was banned from the show floor at Market. So, every time the little guy needed to eat I had to stop what I was doing and head down the escalators at the convention center to feed him on some uncomfortable chairs in the lobby. It was frustrating for all of us.

You see, ALL children under 14 are banned from the show floor at Market. That is, until today. The folks at Quilts Inc. have modified their rules for Market to allow babes in arms/carriers to be allowed on the show floor. Not only that, they will set up a nursing friendly area for mothers to gather and feed their babies, right on the show floor.

As I've said before, being a quilter goes hand in hand with being a mother for me. In that I am not alone. The industry is changing as more and more younger women take up the craft and develop careers and businesses from their love of this textile world. I applaud Quilts Inc. for finally recognizing that with this change in policy.