Scrappy Sundays - The Pattern Testers

We owe a great thanks to our wonderful pattern testers for Sunday Morning Quilts. It is always a good idea to get someone else to not only read through, but actually make your pattern before you go ahead and publish it. It helps to make sure your language is translated into plain English and that you haven't assumed any steps

Amanda posted a great series of photos today from some of our testers. I want to publicly thank mine.

I've got the great luck of having a SIL who loves to quilt too. (I may or may not have instigated her addiction.) She tested for me. Prior to this she was not into improv piecing. Her and my brother actually make the quilts together and my surgeon brother enjoys the precision cutting. But she went to town with the slab concept. First she made her version of The Missing U - Mardi Gras colours and a bit smaller to make it appropriately sized for a kid.

Then she made some extra slabs and turned them into this awesome quilt.

Barb is another friend who isn't quite used to the improv nature of piecing a slab, but she embraced the challenge to make Leaves and Vine in these golden colours. Her handwork is incredible so I would say her applique is better than mine!

Other pattern testers included Lesly, Wanda, Jen, and my friend Meredith. I don't have photos of their quilts to share, but I'll update you if I do.

Thank-you to all our pattern testers. We couldn't have done it without you!

It really is a thrill to see other people make your patterns. At the same we love seeing people take the pattern as merely a starting point where they jump off and do their own thing. We provide some suggestions in the book on how to make it yours, but I bet you can do some great things even without our tips. Don't forget to share your stuff in the Sunday Morning Quilts Flickr group.