Call it nesting or call it freaking out. In between living life, nursing the worst cold ever, and so much more I am actually sort of getting ready for baby. Considering that I am 37 weeks now and both the girls were born between 37 and 38 weeks I best call my prep done.

The basement isn't finished, which means no nursery. That means this kid is another dining room baby. Yup, we're adding to the empire. Both the girls spent the first six months of their life sleeping in rotation - empty room - dining room table - empty room - dining room table. Considering that there isn't an empty space in this house 90% of the time that means the dining room table it is!

To make myself feel marginally better about this situation I did a few things around the house in preparation. The first was new cover for the little pad in the bassinet. I picked out a couple of flannels, Ann Kelle Izzy flannel to be specific, and whipped up these little covers. Honestly, I measured poorly, but they cover and I'm sure baby won't mind that they are a little short.

Remembering that literally half of the first 2 months or so are spent nursing, and knowing that my girls would happily spend that time parked in front of the TV if I let them, I've been gathering. Books, colouring books, puzzles, stickers - anything that will hopefully keep them engaged and not cranky about the being that will literally be sucking the life out of me.

We've got some classics for reading all together - Alice in Wonderland and Grimm's Fairy Tales. Some books that appeal to The Monster's sense of wicked curiosity and insatiable appetite for medical and natural knowledge. And puzzles for my Evil Genius who loves to spend her time plotting and purposefully putting things together just so.

The girls share the biggest room in our house. And the childless, middle aged couple that owned the house before us thought it would be a great idea to put French doors on that room. So pretty, but oh so impractical. Even though I redid their room last summer, I never got around to replacing the curtains on this windows. Knowing that I'd be up and about at all hours with the dragon in my belly I thought I better replace them ASAP. We'd had enough cheap lunch dates/free babysitting at IKEA this winter for all of us to fall in love with this fabric. An hour on a sunny morning and they had new curtains. Double layered and they actually block out a pretty good chunk of light.

Of course the prep does require some handmade. Not my handmade - I can't knit to save my life! But we did receive this gorgeous hand knit blanket from a friend. We worked together for years in my last job. Thanks to Twitter and FB we've stayed in touch. One day she came over for a visit and gave us this blanket. I can't wait to have cuddles with baby and this.

She's also a bit of a DJ, so she'll appreciate this bit of clothing we've also gathered.