It's here!

Well, it's official. The book is out there in the universe. Nearly 2 years after starting the whole process and almost a whole year since we submitted the final manuscript, the book is in readers' hands. Can I tell you? This is the most exciting part for me. We're getting emails, tweets, and notes from readers and people are so kind.

Thank-you for reading and supporting me as we explore quilting and creating together. Now that the book is available I'm looking forward to new opportunities to get us all going in playing with our fabric.

There were a few folks with the correct guess for the book date. But we're still waiting for baby... There was a baby this week, but my sister's, not mine. I guess I better finish that quilt!

One more thing. I'll be offering signed copies of the book for sale in my shop. As soon as those copies arrive on my doorstep I will list them. And I'll let you know when that happens. And stay tuned, I've got some fun things going on in the next couple of weeks, baby not included!