29 Weeks

Threads, flour, horizontal stripes, and an unflattering pose. Welcome to 29 weeks pregnant in my house.

29 weeks is the most nervous part of pregnancy for me. At 29 weeks one of my bridesmaids had to leave our wedding and delivered her baby that night. Then she spent 5 weeks in the hospital herself while baby was there 2 months. It all worked out and everyone is healthy now.

At 29 weeks in my pregnancy with The Monster I went into preterm labour. A weekend in the hospital then 9 weeks of bedrest followed. House arrest, really. It all worked out and everyone is healthy now.

So when I hit 29 weeks I can't help but feel nervous and antsy. I watch my body for any sign of disagreement with the pregnancy. Of course, seeing as I rather dislike being pregnant the whole thing feels like a disagreement. In this case, every cramp seems like a major contraction, every slowdown in kicks is a concern, and I take my blood pressure too many times. Paranoid much?

This week I'm distracting myself with sewing, baking, and ignoring my messy house. Evidence of all things in this self portrait above.

29 weeks.