Cherish the Snowflakes

Like a snowflake in her hair.

Fleeting, fragile, yet for the moment it is with us, breathtaking.

We gathered the girls around us this weekend, spoiling them with fun and affection. It was all we could do as we coped with the news of death. It was a death that we knew was coming, one that provides relief with the grief. The death of a little girl, however, is heartbreaking regardless. There was nothing we could do for our friend as her family moves through this new challenge and sorrow in their lives. So we held ours close and remembered to cherish even the tantrums.

There was sledding and hot chocolate and cookies and reindeer and candy and snowy drives and saws to chop trees after stomps in mountain forests. There was the indulgence of a little, fresh tree of their own, lit up and decorated in their room. There was family. There was love.

And there was a little hand stitching too.