64'' by 68''

This is what a whole pile of half square triangles can turn into when you work really hard. Really hard. I'm not going to lie. That's a whole lot of HSTs in a not that large size (4.5'') that had to be trimmed down. And that layout doesn't exactly come naturally. But, oh, are the results worth it!

Network started with a pile of fabric coming from Traditional Pastimes shared with Amanda Jean. (For the record, I don't think Amanda Jean has had a chance to do anything with hers.) On my flight to Wisconsin I sketched out ideas but none of them became this. I even played with a whole bunch of layouts before naturally settling on the most difficult one.

The whole thing is quilted with an exaggerated zig zag in a light turquoise thread. It adds a good texture and was easier than outlining the network itself. A simple pieced back for fun. After the battle with getting the top to work just so I needed to make the rest of it easier.

All the effort and love were worth it. Network was given to my husband's best friend as a wedding present. This is the guy that married us, he was our agent when we bought our first house, and he was in business with Hubby for years. All the guy needs to do is deliver this baby and he's infiltrated every aspect of our lives!

When I asked Hubby what we were going to get this guy for his wedding his first answer was a quilt. Um, sure, I've got no problem with that, but how could he justify it? Was he going to sit and sew with me? For the record, he has done that before, but this time his answer was, "My name gets to go on the label because I paid for the fabric." Well, thank-you Bernadette because that excuse didn't work! So he helped with the layout of the top, basted it with me (while making watch Machete to counter effect the whole domestic thing), and graciously took pictures. An effort deserving of his name on the label.

And the recipients? They were married in a mountain meadow in July. It was gorgeousness all around. The quilt lives with them now, adding some colour and warmth to their new suburban house. And I couldn't be happier to have shared this effort and all our days with them.