Not So Basic Patchwork Studio

This fall I've changed the way I'm teaching Improv quilting at Traditional Pastimes. Each month I will host a studio/workshop. We'll cover off one block concept, often with different ways of making it. But we'll also have the opportunity to gather, discuss your modern quilt projects, and troubleshoot the previous month's work.

In the first month we will tackle Not-So-Basic Patchwork. This is one of the best ways to baby step into improv. We'll cover two ways to approach patchwork improvisationally. Both involve breaking free from your design wall and preplanning. One will result in a defined patchwork with consistent sizes. The other will be a lot more wild and wonky.

October 12 6:30-9
7 Parkdale Crescent NW

Call the store at 403 286-9421 to register.