Let There Be Light

Guess what? The basement reno is back on! WOOHOO!!!!!!!! (Yes, it totally deserves an exuberant amount of exclamation points.) After delays due to LIFE and all its crazy and shitty things, and the fact that my man wants to hang up the tools when he gets home instead of putting them on again, we are good to go in the basement.

2005 - Flooded and gutted

2008 - We trenched, waterproofed, cut for new windows (but did not install all of them), and roughed in the plumbing (this particular space was bear rug storage)

2009 - Started the framing

(This does not account for all the landscaping and exterior work we've done in the meantime.)

2011 - Today

This will be my sewing room/guest room. It has incredible light for a basement thanks to a South exposure and this big new window. The hope is that at some time in 2012 it will be able to comfortably fit me, my machine, and all my fabric. Whether it can contain my creativity is another matter!

It is still up for debate whether the bear rug will make its way back into the space.