Snowy Walk in the Forest

We have a rule in this house, totally self-inflicted, that our kids are only allowed one class/activity at a time. It stems, primarily, from our own inherent laziness. It does, however, also make sense that little kids don't need a million activities to grow and learn. We got the play thing down, school is a great for social interaction, and all their good and bad lessons are rooted in time with family and friends.

Now that I've said that, I'm going to contradict myself. The Monster is in skiing lessons right now (which she adores - her word) and an art class. She had the choice of dance, gymnastics, singing, karate, or anything else. She asked for art. That's my girl!

Because I am notoriously late at registering her for things and am often left with little choice I wasn't optimistic when faced with our art class choices. Luck/karma was on my side though. She got into everyone's first choice - Anatomy. Have a mentioned her obsession with human anatomy before? She spends a lot of time with the med school anatomy text book my brother loaned her.

Needless to say, I was quite keen to see what came out of her when she started her class. Last week was all about skeletons and they got to play with actual molding clay. This picture is from her first class. I'm not sure what the goal was, but she tells us it is a picture of her walking through a snowy forest. Uh, okay, if you say so.

I'm not sharing this here to brag about my gifted child (you should see her sad excuse for a t-rex skeleton), rather, to share this awesome design. It reminds me of the one I did here, but just enough different. There is definitely a quilt in this...