I'll Take It

Not sure if I'm deserving of any awards, but I always love a little bit of praise and attention (who doesn't?). This week brought two blogging awards.

Technically I don't think I qualify for the Leibster Blog award. Yes, I have less than 300 followers, but my subscribers to the feed and my Twitter followers contradict those stats. (wow, does that ever sound cocky!) But I am thankful for the notice and appreciation from a fellow Calgary quilter, Elizabeth. One day we'll meet too and get our gorgeous kids together to wreak havoc!

Then Beth gave me a Stylish Blogger's Award. So kind. Although, if she saw my wardrobe these days she might take it back!

To pay it forward with this little bit of extra attention, I want to point you to some blogs that might be new to you. They aren't celebrities, yet. Or maybe there are? They are great sources of inspiration, comfort, and entertainment for me.

Have a great weekend all!