Just Because

There are presents to wrap, a tiny bit more shopping to do, some making to happen, and some renewal of the family with Hubby now home. Instead, I'm working on a "Just Because" quilt.

I actually get quite annoyed when I'm asked what a quilt is for. I understand that people are being curious and I shouldn't get annoyed. The question, however, implies that all quilts have to serve a purpose or have a recipient in mind. It's a narrow view for those of us who feel a compulsion to create. I always answer, "It's just a quilt."

But it isn't just a quilt. There is always a reason to make. Sometimes it is simply to act in the process of making. Sometimes it is because you have an idea stuck in your head on repeat like 'All I Want for Christmas is My Two Front Teeth' (my apologies now). Sometimes there is a more guttural reason but you don't want to share it just yet.

So, even with all this stuff do to in anticipation of Christmas celebrations I'm plugging away on this particular Just Because quilt. I need to work on it and I need to have it done. Just Because.

(Go here to see the entire top and the inspiration.)