Always Learning

It was our Christmas party at guild the other day. We had instructions to make a stocking, according to this tutorial, then fill it with treats. Um, okay.

Except when you have to eyeball the pattern because your computer/printer connection is spazzing. Then you eyeball that pattern quite oddly and make a little elf toe that refuses to get turned right side out. At least the string piecing went well. And you just know that your mostly traditional guild will balk at the bright colours.

Well, maybe they didn't balk at it. I would say, however, that mine was certainly the brightest on the table! The rest were all gorgeous though. So much thought put into the details and some very fine work.

These stockings are a perfect example of the guild for me. There are a handful of us under 40 there. The rest of the ladies are full of more life and I love sitting and listening to their stories and advice. I've got a lot to learn and to live. It's the same when it comes to quilting. There are some incredible skills in the room - from painting to embroidery to machine quilting to handwork to design. So much to learn.

Don't knock the elf toe and don't knock the traditional guild.