Round Robin - Start

Just a simple block. In the next 4 months it should turn into something pretty cool.

You see, I do belong to a traditional guild as well as our Calgary Modern Quilt Guild (Sew Night on this Saturday!). In an effort to push myself outside of my little box of creating, I decided to join this year's round robin. It is really pushing me out of my box as most of these ladies are quite traditional quilters. Amazing work and a very fun group of women, but still quite traditional in quilting style.

This block, mine, will get added to by three others. I gave them free reign on colours and design. Maybe my simplicity and improv block will challenge them too? You know how I love to push people.

I would show you the block I received - lots of triangles in red, beige, and hunter greens - but its in the car. Yup, I'm lazy this morning. First winter storm combined with kids barfing all night and me with a cold. I am not leaving my house today. More time for sewing, painting, and stories.

Oh, and bear with me as I make some changes on the blog. I'm testing some new designs.