Full disclosure: this is not my quilt. In fact, I've had no hand in making it at all. I did make one suggestion, but it was shot down.

My SIL is making this for her son. In fact, she is making quilts for all her kids for Christmas. Well, in the interest of full disclosure, my brother is helping too. Very dedicated. Her fussy cutting is also dedicated. As is her construction technique - one square, one row at a time.

I'm sharing this (with her permission) to remind us that we all put things together differently. I know how I would make this quilt, but her approach is totally different. When we sew together I'm constantly trying to get her to loosen up and let things happen, and she forces me to to stop and reflect on some of the decisions to make. Her approach works for her. And that's what ultimately matters - in the process she is content and is happier still with the end result.

What do you do when faced with a pile of 3'' squares in blue and white with a snowy/Christmas theme to the piece?