Wrapped in a quilt I sit here, wanting to share, to talk, to open some discussions about books. I just can't do it. On my own again this week and I'm dealing with a cold and the stomach flu (me), getting over both (the girls), teething, bad news from family members, a leaking roof plus dishwasher, and winter storms. Frankly, I'm done. I have nothing witty to say, nothing interesting or quilty to share. Please forgive my bit of whining.

Seriously, how do single parents do this all the time?

My whining done, I actually do have something to share. This was the tablecloth I made for Thanksgiving back in October. The rooster fabric is from Alexander Henry. Purchased at Quilt Canada this year its been sitting around and waiting for Thanksgiving. In honour of American Thanksgiving next week I thought I would share it with you. It makes me smile to look at it. Smiles are good things when ginger ale is the only thing on the menu.

Other things making me smile:
... playing my own little game of I Spy with this quilt around my arms
... the chaos of pompoms, pencil crayons, and blocks all over the floor
... my four year old's constant desire to wear her clothes backwards
... the two year old saying to me after playing in the snow, "Mama, let's go inside and have hot cocoa to make our feelings better."
... the cast of sunshine on the foot of fresh snow

Okay, so I guess there isn't that much to whine about.