Thanks for Swinging By

I suppose you want to know who won the giveaway?

The big winner of the complete set of rulers was Angela. She was a very excited gal when Pat let her know.

And the winner of the Blog Aid cookbook was Debbie from As Busy As Can Be.

I also wanted to answer some of the questions that came up in the comments. Yes, it is indeed real maple syrup. It's the only thing we've got in the house. I am a good Canadian girl and it's the only way to go. I get mine from a maple farm in Ontario. Sadly, sugar maples don't grow out West.

The bean recipe can be kept vegetarian, just skip the bacon. But in this house we adore the bacon. And maple and bacon together? A little bit of heaven.

About that metric and imperial contrast. Another uniquely Canadian conundrum because we have conflicting influences between American and British influences. More than once I've found myself writing a recipe using both grams and cups or milliliters and ounces! But I think only a Canadian would get it.

Someone asked about my time. Well, let's just say I don't watch that much TV and there is little in the way of exercise in my life these days - stupid knees. And the best part about being a food writer is that I get to do research and make dinner at the same time. Even if it means making Christmas cookies in the September sunshine!

And yes, I promise to finish my Mom's quilt and soon!

Thanks for hopping!