For the Girls

So I need to start a new quilt, or two, like I need a bad knee. Oh wait, I've already got two of those, so why not start two new quilts?

The girls have shared a room for almost two years. Now that Smilosaurus is out of the crib they've been stuck even sharing a big bed. Truthfully, they seem to love it - choosing it over sleeping separately when presented with an option. It works for them and 95% of the time it works for us.

You see, we put our girls to bed and then pretty much ignore them. They can talk, giggle, fight, or whatever - as long as the lights stay off and they stay in bed. And 95% of the time that works. The other 5% of the time one wants to stay up while the other sleeps or they fight over the covers. That 5% of the time I am desperate for them to have their own beds.

We've been shopping with little success for twin beds we like. Hubby is actually getting them made now off a design we put together. New beds, however, necessitate new quilts. By the time I get these done they might have new beds. Maybe Hubby and I should have a race?