Now that I am home full-time I thought it best to take inventory of the projects on the go. This pile represents what I would call active UFOs. That is, as opposed to the ones that have long since been abandoned... From the top to the bottom:

The crayon rock inspiration quilt. I now have the top done and backing cut. On to basting. I might get to it this weekend, if my knees are up for it.

My Slaveship quilt. Inspired by the novel The Book of Negroes it got to this point and I stopped. Then I picked up some African fabrics to add to the top at Quilt Canada, but I haven't put it together.

Water quilt.  Oh the water quilt. I haven't touched this in a year, but I think about it constantly. As soon as I get a semi-permanent design wall up and a full day to myself with no interruptions I plan to get the top done.

Values quilt. This was my first values quilt using HST, a la Katie. I love, love, love it and really wanted to get it basted. I already know how I'm going to quilt it.

Improv Sampler. This is one that should be at the top of the pile. I want to teach Improv again and this quilt should be finished. To be honest, I might bite the bullet on this one and get it done by a long armer.  Maybe.

The Low Volume Circles. This top came together so quickly in the late winter, and I even got it basted quite quickly. And I know how I'm going to quilt it, but I just need to actually do it.

So, now what? I refuse to pressure myself to finish, nor do I give in to the pressure to have something new to blog about. If you've read here for a while, you know that I like to talk about quilting as much as I like to quilt!

I do believe that it is good to stop, take stock, and prioritize every now and then.  Considering that I'm doing that in the rest of my life's activities, it only seemed appropriate that I do it here too. And I'm happy with where I am.  Sure, I wish the pile was a bit smaller or I had the ability to get through the basting process a bit easier. But it is what it is.

And really, it means a little time to stop and savor the process along the way.