Nadine's Bookcase Quilt

With the last stitches going in this morning to the strain of Dinosaur Train and a hot mug of black tea by my side, this commission baby quilt is finally complete.

Made for an old book club friend - can you tell my inspiration? - to welcome her new baby girl. My instructions were simple: very bold, very bright, modern, and girly. We collaborated on the main fabric selection, but otherwise she left it up to me.

Although I've long been a fan of the Fun Quilts design that mimics Library books, and the subsequent one in The Modern Quilt Workshop, it was a design that I was never motivated to make. Perhaps because I felt it to be too popular, or the fact that it simply isn't my own? But when my friend asked me to make her a quilt it was the only design I could see myself doing.

With her request for a bold fabric on the quilt though, I had to rejig the concept. Instead of bright/dark on a light background, I went for low volume fabrics for the books on a wild background. It makes me think of a bookshelf backed with wallpaper. 

The quilt measures at a slightly odd baby size - 40 by 60. But I felt the size was necessary for the overall effect I wanted. And to show off that amazing fabric. but it will transition well to a toddler bed and a child hood nap quilt. I do hope her sweet girl cherishes this for a long time.

Commission quilting is still new to me and I did learn a valuable lesson here: pick an easy quilting pattern! A fellow modern quilter at the Calgary Modern Quilt Guild helped me decide on a pattern of overlapping rectangles. I loved it and it really is perfect for this piece. But boy, was it time-consuming.  All that stopping and started! Worth it for the overall look, but not smart from a financial perspective.

When we were picking fabrics I had three choices for the front. We both loved the final choice the best, but the 2nd and 3rd place choices were also well loved. Needless to say, I decided to showcase them on the back. Two Kaffe Fassets with that strip of cherished Denyse Schmidt barbells. 

And now the quilt is washed and packed up, ready for it's journey across the country.

PS  If you are joining me from Amy's Creative Side, welcome! I was honoured to be nominated for a Blogger's Quilt Festival Feature.