Catch Up

The reality of dealing with a medical issue, a husband on the road constantly, and some major life changes means that my actual sewing got behind. Yeah, old story, right?

So, I told Hubby to leave me alone during naptime on Friday and I banged out a couple of things. Namely, I caught up with some bee obligations.

These are the blocks for Jody. She is making a quilt for her stepson, in the Drunk Love Style of Denyse Schmidt. I'll admit, that I wasn't all that excited once I saw her choice.  Solids? A pattern for a wonky log cabin? Neither are me.

But I embraced the solids, partially thanks to Cherri. And I ignored the pattern, only acknowledging the Courthouse Steps piecing versus the Log Cabin Piecing. Seriously, people use a pattern for this? Okay, calm down, Cheryl. Not everyone is comfortable with improv style work. In the end, I LOVED the blocks. Seriously, I adore these blocks and it is taking all my willpower not to keep them.  Well, whatever willpower I have left after not making pie, again.

(And yes, I know they aren't squared up, I left that for Jody, to determine the final wonk.)

The next block was my first for the Mid Mod Bee. Rossie was up first with her orange kelpie inspire block. I think it is awesome that she went for a row, rather than a block. And more awesome than that? She dyed her own fabric for this. So, so cool. This was so easy to make, but fun to think about how to make it my own compared to the other submissions.  This is going to be one stellar quilt.

For a girl who was really reluctant to sign on to a bee, she is sure having a good time!  Even if I am late most of the time. And thanks to the bees I feel ready to tackle piecing again. I think I've got some mojo back.