Workshop in Progress - May 26

In the Workshop this week, for me, is nothing but doll quilts.  I accepted an order from Bamboletta a while back.  Now that my Dad's quilt is finished I can tackle those. I must admit, it is nice to work on a small scale for the moment. Odd, I know, considering I love big quilts.

Also on the design board is a new Flickr group for the Workshop. I had a few requests, particularly from folks who use Flickr more than anything to share their work, to open this up to Flickr.  Feel free to post in the group as well. Like all workshop posts, the Flickr group is for sharing process and seeking the input of others.

So many folks out there are taking the notion of sharing Process to heart. We could call this Workshop in Progress/Process.  Same thing, really. I am very happy to see more and more folks participating, and sharing openly and honestly. This post from Andrea is a perfect example. In it she opens up her sketchbook and shares a number of concepts. This requires a certain amount of bravery, but I adore her for for doing it. And she has some wicked ideas!

Tonya at Maggie and Josephine has also taken the Process Pledge to heart.  This week she shares a new baby quilt she has on the go.  Very sweet.

And a finished quilt to share today as well. Lesly has been using the Workshop for opinions on her neutral quilt.  Well, she has finally revealed it. Oh my, what a finish!  I'm glad she listened to the Workshop (gee, when I say it that way it sounds like I'm referring to it like it's the Borg) and went with that cross hatch sashing.

To view more process related posts, don't forget to check out all the pledge participants here.