Workshop in Progress - May 12

Let's change things up a little bit, shall we? The Workshop in Progress has always been about sharing our works, asking for advice/opinions. Following on the dialogue that started and you can follow here and here, I've decided we should expand the WIP to include more on process.

By process I mean sharing our ideas from inspiration to completion.  This will include things like sketches - as seen above - picking fabric, playing with layouts, challenges with piecing, and even the finishing touches.

I feel like I've been doing this on the blog for quite a while, but I am committed to a much more conscious effort on this. That's why I've included the sketches today.  I have a few commission orders on the go and these were my sketches and notes on my ideas to fill the orders. 

As you can see, sketching is not my forte. But a couple of quick squiggles with a set of markers that are just mine and a few notes and I can capture the idea as I see it. While I do have a notebook that I carry around with me for anything and everything, it doesn't get a lot of sketches into it. Most of my sketches are either like above - on office paper, made at my day job desk - or they are quick scratches in the back of my work notebook. Yes, I do seem to get most of my ideas in the midst of my day job.  Daydreaming? So I make a two minute sketch, set it aside, and resume my work.

How do you capture your ideas?

Speaking of branching out and learning something... Okay, that was a horrible segue. But we do need to share Lesly's latest quilt top.  She's brought it to the workshop before and it is great to see the progression on this piece. This time she is looking for opinions on the appropriate back - one that compliments the front and makes her feel good about the piece.

And here's a technical question for you from Nichole.  What needles do you use? (Schmetz here, size depends on the task and thread at hand.)

So, let's see your process posts.  Don't be shy. Learning how others approach their projects is eye opening and refreshing. Sharing your process is liberating.