Best intentions

Woohoo! We had some hot, sunny weather this weekend. That called for doing almost nothing. Okay, I did little while Hubby worked hard to get the swing set completed.

Grandma was down for visit yesterday, so we sat in the sunshine enjoying a cocktail or two and visiting in between pushes on the swings and loads of "Watch me, ______!" I browsed cookbooks and finally made my current obsession, a Negroni.

And, as far as cooking goes, making a cocktail was about as far as I got. Grandma took us out for dinner last night. Tonight I got home from an afternoon meeting ridiculously late.  Hubby had already ordered pizza, so the planned steak and ice cream were shot down. Oh, and I should clarify that by making the cocktail I actually mean I told Hubby what to do from the comfort of my chair in the backyard.

What? I took my first walk yesterday in 4 months, I earned the rest. And the drink.


Lemon or grapefruit

1. Mix together equal parts of each alcohol. Serve with a twist of lemon or, my preference, pink grapefruit.

(PS  That David Rocco book is surprisingly pretty good to read, and inspiring.)