Workshop in Progress - April 21

So, in the Workshop this week I wanted to talk scraps. This is the bag of brand new scraps left over from piecing my Dad's quilt. I'll be honest, it makes me kind of giddy to look at it. I almost wish there were more!

My question for you is about selvages. I never used to keep them, but I do now. For those of you that collect, do you like partials, or does the entire row of text and dots need to be there? And how much of the actual fabric is necessary to cut off with the selvage?

Now, on to the rest of you.

Elle is back at her original WIP project. Her Wind and Water piece seems softer to me now. I love watching it evolve.

Somehow I missed the naming of this quilt, but remember we helped Felicity on the name game. Check out this post to see what she went with.

Next week I will be well and truly insane with all the goings on for Quilt Canada. If you are around next week, find me - I'm the one on the crutches with the long black hair. I am chairing the Professional Development Conference and helping out at all evening events. I hope to see you!

Because I will be away, I've asked Lesly at Pickle Dish to host the workshop. Make sure to check in with her next Wednesday. And if you have any posts get them up there in the blogosphere and let her know.