Workshop in Progress - March 24

First off, let me address last week's post on the Workshop. Even if there is only one post out there with someone asking for advice, a second opinion, or even showing off a challenging piece, I will share it with you.  My goal is to encourage more of us bloggers to share things throughout the creative process, to open ourselves to the opinions and insight of others that we might get if we were taking a workshop together.

So, I will continue to do this until I'm no longer interested. Or the posts really, really dry up.

I completely understand the chaos and demands on our schedules through work and family, beyond our creative pursuits. Blogging on demand, as the Workshop may make you feel is a necessity is never fun. I'm not immune to it myself.

Going forward, I will continue to post on Wednesday any posts I see from the last week, not just those that come out on Wednesday. It's okay if you posted on Friday and have maybe even moved on in some precious hours in the weekend, I still want us to share and collaborate. Even if the opinion is moot, it is good food for the next time around. If I miss your post, or you really want to make sure I see it, send me a quick email. It will get up. 

Take the time to explore, to share, to discover new artists, techniques, and questions.  Enjoy the Workshop today! This week seems to have a theme on names. 

Many of us find naming the finished quilt a very tough thing. Felicity is struggling with the name for a very calm but striking green quilt. I keep feeling moss from it, how about you?

Cindy at Live a Colorful Life is embarking on a new adventure - an online store devoted to selvage goodness! But she's debating names.  I know my favourite, what's yours?

We'll see you next week in the Workshop!

PS I couldn't leave you without a picture, so here are my brand new moccasins, courtesy of Darlingtonia on Etsy.