Coming Along Nicely

This is what that pile of circles is turning into. I have 5 panels planned, some with 7 circles like this one, some with 5. In the end the quilt will finish close to twin sized, much larger than I anticipated. With the abundance of TV viewing and drive time I've managed to finish 3 panels in the past week. Barring any more emergencies in our lives, I should be able to show you a finished top next week.

For a split second I debated hand piecing the entire thing.  That is, sewing the panels together by hand. Then I realized I would be doing that on principle. There is nothing wrong with the principle, but it isn't one I absolutely am bound by. Besides, I'm supposed to be exercising my knees. Using a foot pedal counts, right?

Thank-you for all your well-wishes. There is a slim chance I won't need surgery. But for now it isn't even an option. I have what are known as stiff knees. In other words, despite the extent of my injuries I should have far more mobility in my knees. So, I am a strict exercise and physio regimen for the next month. After that I should hopefully be able to lose the crutches and the big brace. Already I am feeling better and actually picked up Smilosaurus this week.  Now, that's a milestone!

And it means I can prep the rest of my circles without much trouble.