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It might be the inspiration from the Olympic rings in the winter snow. Or I was just looking for a bigger hand project than the previous two.

I've spent the last week prepping some circles for a new project. I've picked 29 different fabrics, cut out 29 freezer paper circles, ironed, and almost finished the basting stitch (by hand) on all of them. And so far I only had to stand for the ironing.  Today I will do the same to press down my gathers and get the circles ready for hand applique.

All 29 circles will be appliqued on a plain white background. I know, me and a white background?! But I got it in my head to make a low volume quilt inspired by Malka Dubrawsky. Somehow it seems appropriate in these low volume, but slightly sunnier days of February.

In case you were wondering, I'm still doing handwork because my knees aren't getting any better. In fact, I found out last week that surgery is inevitable. We're just waiting to find out when that will be. Cross your fingers that it is sooner rather than later.