Water Version 8

Some of you asked for diagonals, well, here they are. This is a departure from all the previous layouts. I find it both dynamic and calm at the same time.  Is it just me?

Of course, to do this I will end up with a whole bunch of offcuts, so I think I would make more as I'm hoping to make this a larger quilt. Not a big deal, just something for me to consider.  It also means there is potential for longer runs in the design.

Here is it flipped 90 degrees. (And without the use of flash photography.)

Don't forget to take a look at the other participants in the Workshop in Progress.  Some of them are already posted projects.  Elle is looking for opinions on salvaging an old project with a favourite fabric.  And Kate is hoping for some additional thoughts as she designs a baby quilt.

And me?  Well, it's been a long week with Hubby out of town and breaking in the new nanny. Tonight I am settling in with my newly arrived copy of Bend The Rules With Fabric, courtesy of Amy Karol at Angry Chicken. I won a contest a few weeks back and I can already feel the need for some uninterrupted creativity time!