Water Version 6

Continuing on with my Water quilt, I present v6.  When I did the initial layouts v4 was my favourite.  This is a bit of a change on that one.  I added the long strips of blue to separate the calm and the crazy sections.  And I made the center portion a little more hectic.

This layout initially struck me because it reminded me of my days as a competitive swimmer. 12 years in a pool will have an influence on you! Now, I'm only kind of meh about it.  Your thoughts?

(Apologies for the crappy photos this week.  The weather went from a late summer heat wave to decidedly fall and overcast yesterday.  Between that and Hubby mowing the lawn I was forced to use our king sized bed as a design wall.)

Thanks for the response to the Workshop in Progress! I'm hoping that the end of the long weekend here in North America will bring some more participants.  The first group is up there on the right.  Please take the time to post if you are participating and to visit and leave comments for the rest of you.  Your honest opinion delivered kindly is valued!