Thoroughly Confused

I thought I had it all figured out.  Then you guys had to go and weigh in.  Gee thanks a lot. Actually, I am really grateful for the opinions because it has helped, but it has also made things very confusing.  I am really torn now on this water quilt.

When I first did the layouts v4 was my favourite.  It immediately stood out as the best option, as the one that represented where I felt I should go with a water theme. And even as I reviewed the comments and contemplated other layouts it still stood out for me. Then I started playing with other layouts.

Because I love v4 so much I tried v6.  From the get go I saw that it was a big fat NO.  It didn't work for me at all. No harm done, nothing was sewn.  Then I remembered comments from Dillpickle about making it all "higgly piggly" with the breaks. That's where v7 came from.  I fell in love immediately.  I imagined making some more strips and even how I would construct the whole thing. I think I would use some of the softer blues to make these breaks, to bring out more blue overall in the quilt.  Hmmm.

Then I did v8.  Oh, v8. It was like I was some cheesy player in the bar who moved on from one potential conquest to the next with complete disregard to the girl he was just talking to. But this girl was hot.  The layout worked right away, and I knew it right away. Thanks to Marielle and Christine for making comments about going on the diagonal.  I don't know if I did what they suggested, but I think it worked out well.


You knew there was going to be a but, right? It doesn't say water to me anymore.  The design works on so many levels, except for the original inspiration. Is that a problem?  Well, not a problem, but for some reason is does concern me. AmandaJean told me to just sew it up already and stop fretting, but I can't help but obsess over it.

I don't know what to do!  Good thing I'm going on a little vacation in a few days.  I'll have some time to contemplate design and water. Or just drink, eat, read, write, and enjoy a getaway with my Hubby.