Where I'd Rather Be

Have you ever noticed that the majority of people who work a desk job decorate their office with vacation photos, pictures of idyllic locations, artwork from their kids, or pictures of the family itself? Have you ever noticed that all those things make up for places they would probably rather be that work?
Welcome to my work week! I have a few family photos, but I've surrounded myself with quilts and colour. Can you tell where I would rather be? If I can't spend my day quilting or with the girls, I'm bring that with me.
The requisite office supplies are surrounded by artwork from the girls - the joys of finger painting and glue. That is one of my favourite photos ever of Hubby there on the right. Taken about 12 years ago after some water-skiing. Every day when I'm on the phone and I can daydream about painting around our little craft table or those carefree times of summer without kids. And I don't see those fantasties as mutually exclusive.

Right under my Project Improv quilt sits this little area. An old wooden tray holds keys and the crackberry. It also holds my water bottle (I hate drinking cold water) and the best teapot ever. You could also call this part of my office a bit of inspiration. That glass vase is filled with my sea glass collection and the shells from our most recent vacation. And the Marimekko tin holds markers. Markers which are used should my girls or someone else's kids visit the office. Markers which as used to sketch out design ideas that hit while I'm supposed to be working.

Finally, I have to include a photo of this piece of artwork. It may look like a piece of felt with bits or scrap ribbon, buttons, pompoms, and a jingle bell. I actually think it looks like a mini art quilt. And The Monster made it just for me, just for my office.

Yeah, I know where I'd rather be.