For Little Girls

There are times when I question why I choose the homemade route.  Like at 11:00 pm on a Friday night when I'm exhausted.  But when I see the look on the face of the sweetest, most hilarious two year old I know and her mom it is SO worth it.

One of my dearest friends had the best birthday party for her youngest girl, Ellie, on Saturday. I've known this little one since she was born and I've enjoyed watching her through all her stages. I love to watch her sit on the kitchen counter and help her mom make pancakes, or mother her little babies, or simply move water from one spot to the next.  I see her follow my Monster and her big sister, or kiss Smilosaurus like she was her own little sister.  When you know someone like this and you love them, how can you not stay up late to spoil them?  Sleep is always there.

Details on the apron?  Fabric is a mix of an old Amy Butler (Ginger Bliss), a Michael Miller, some Anna Maria Horner, and some from this quilt, made for the birthday girl when she was born.  And I made the apron the same way I did this one and the one I made for Ellie's older sister.

Happy Birthday El!