Sad Days and Giveaways!

*** This giveaway is now closed ***

Maybe the polka dots will brighten my day?

Today is my last day at home with the girls - back to work tomorrow! Boo hoo. And since we don't have a nanny yet Hubby will be home with the girls. That somewhat eases the pain and makes the transition not so tough. Sort of.

Today is also wet, miserable, and cold. Snow was even falling at one point. To top it off, The Monster is sitting in the emergency room right now. She was bitten by something yesterday at the farm and her arm is swollen, red, and hard today. She's not in grave danger, but it sure looks ugly right now. Poor girl. What a way to spend a special day.

That's enough doom and gloom, on to the good stuff. I'm finally hosting a giveaway! To celebrate my return to work I thought I would try to share some cheer with the world. This is an 8-pack of cheery polka dots and liberal interpretations of polka-dots. Some are older and I'm not sure where they're from, but they make me smile. And there is some Amy Butler and Denyse Schmidt in there too. Each piece is more or less a fat quarter. I will send the winner of the giveaway the whole lot of them, and maybe a few other treats.

To win, leave a comment on this post between now and May 24 at 8:00 pm MST. I will draw a random number to determine the winner. Winner will be informed that night. Make sure I can contact you by email.

This week will be more than a bit crazy, so I won't be posting. But stay tuned for next week, I have a few quilts to share.

The Monster did indeed have a bad infection from a venomous spider bite! I didn't even know there were venomous spiders in Alberta. But after three days of IV antibiotics she is much better. Not that this slowed her down one bit. Me, on the other hand, I'm exhausted. Work was crazy and the week was stressful. I will be handstitching a binding tonight and watching crappy TV.