Key Limes

The latest addition to our family arrived on Wednesday.  My sister had her first baby, a chubby little boy named Cain.  I am so behind on the quilt!  This is the start of it.  The browns and yellows on the left are the start of the triangle blocks that will be the background.  I started off thinking I would make a whole bunch of half-square triangles, but it didn't seem right.  When your quilt is inspired by key lime pie the half-square triangles seemed odd.  So I cut them into rectangles to make narrow, right-angle triangles.  And the greens will become... wait for it... appliqued circles.  Hey, it's for the key limes!

Yup, quilts inspired by food.  It was only a matter of time.

In truth, it is also a reminder of a time as a family in Mexico at Christmas.  My sister and I rekindled our relationship there and I thought this quilt would serve as a sweet reminder of us putting the past behind us and focusing on the future.  Oh, and the baby's room is yellow.