Doll Quilts Delivered

My first custom order of quilts has been delivered, and the recipient loves them.  This was the first time I've sold work, so it was stressful and quite exciting.  I know I love my quilts, but will other people?  I now feel free to share with you where they went.

Christina at Bamboletta makes the most beautiful hand made dolls.  Made from natural ingredients and customized for you and yours they are treasures.  Ever since I found them I've been culling our own doll collection so that I can get down to just one of hers.  The Monster will be getting one for her birthday this summer.  Please check out her stuff, it is simply beautiful.

She is also starting a store for doll related items, and that's where my quilts are going.  This opens the door for me as well.  I've decided to also take some custom orders for doll and baby quilts (for now).  I know I won't get rich doing this, but it is a nice compliment to things I love to do.