Baja Inspirations

Well, it was a beach vacation afterall.

Because I still don't have a camera and can't share with you the label making frenzy I've started, I'll share some snippets of our vacation. The trip has inspired a few quilts for me. Still sketches, but inspiration nonetheless. Today's segment are some of my favourite beach photos.

Little Miss Sunshine aka Monkey aka Smiler aka Stinker Pooper Farter was in heaven in the heat and the sand. Thankfully she likes her showers afterwards too.

Our nieces and nephews also loved the beach - who doesn't? This was them on their first morning. I can't take credit for the photo, their mom snapped it.

My sister-in-law snapped this photo as well. She would go out every morning and search for shells and seaglass (another post). We had quite a collection at the end of the trip.

Speaking of searching for shells, this was the Monster on one of the few "Find a Shell" journeys she was willing to join me on.

Every exploration begins with baby steps. I am in love with this photo. It is Hubby with the Monster and my brother's oldest son. They're probably looking for hermit crabs, or shells. Low tide, fresh footprints, and adventures.

Just a quiet beach.

Just my Hubby and the Monster

Up next will be the water shots.