Another Baby Quilt

Thanks Jacquie. I went to the store for you and came home with these. So much for stash busting with my current projects.

Yet another baby quilt to make. I've left this one a bit late, the baby is due any day and there might be a bris that I'll need to attend with a present in hand. Good thing I haven't actually decided what I want to do yet.

My friends are very vibrant people - an engineer and a speech pathologist who write music and play (he) on the side. Yet their home is subdued, letting art and music take center stage. It is a challenge for me to tone down and design a quilt that maybe isn't so bold. I thought I could do the no darker than sand concept, but it was too much (or too little) for me. But these fabrics, while bold in design, are softer in colour. They've become a perfect jumping off point.

Because Hubby is making me to get all my stuff out of the basement this weekend I braved the chill (he took out a window the other day) and went to pull fabric last night. Anything and everything that remotely went with the starting fabrics came upstairs. We'll see what makes it into the quilt. Some of these seem a little too bold.

Now, to just figure out what I want to do... Triangles are winning right now, but I've also thought of some interesting (and easy) linear designs. What to do, what to do?