Odd Quilting

It's all about where you get your inspiration.

The quilting on Inspired Improvisation is well underway. At first, I wasn't sure if I liked it. But ultimately I was too lazy to rip it out. I took the idea for the quilting from the fabric that features prominently on the back and in some blocks on the front. Now that I've done more it is growing on me.

It is a sharp contrast to the angles of the pieced work. Originally, I was going to do a bunch of straightline quilting to echo the piecing. I have a tendency, however, to overdue it when it comes to quilting. The pattern I decided on is forcing me to have a bigger design. Because this will be a snuggle quilt I wanting something that would ultimately drape a bit better. The closer you quilt the stiffer the quilt itself.

I'm on a mission to get this quilting done and the binding on by the weekend. I might be up in Edmonton next week and want to visit the recipient in the hospital, hopefully bringing the quilt with me. Simple things like dishes, voting, blogging, and picking up the car from the tinting place will slow me down... but they won't stop me.