All Squared Away

My mom went home, I'm almost done the course of antibiotics, and I even worked out today. Yes, I feel relatively normal again. That should last until I go to the dentist this afternoon.

Inspired Improvisation is almost done. I finished the quilting yesterday and got it squared up this morning. I don't know about you, but I like to square up my quilts before I put the binding on. Some do it after it is on and stitched down. I used to do it after I first sewed it on. Then I got a quilt back from the long armer and it was all squared away for me to attach the binding. Much greater success.

Oddly, the process of squaring up and cutting away the excess fabric and batting is my favourite part of finishing a quilt. This is the moment where it actually becomes a quilt, not just a bunch of cotton fancily put together. Sure, binding completes it and the label tops it off like a cherry, but the loss of the trimmings shapes it into a proper quilt.

Up next? Pieced binding, and I'll post a tutorial on that.