Dealing With It

I don't know if it's the 3-4 month period after the baby's arrival, or Hubby working late and out of town these days, or my dad's illness, or just the hormones, but it's been a rough few weeks. Despite the baby sleeping well most nights I've not been. Insomnia and anxiety are just hanging over my head. So one night last week, rather than toss and turn, I made some hot milk with honey and attacked my stash.

The Monster was colouring while we were in Kelowna. Her limited supply of highlighters and pens at Great-Grandpa's house brought about the colour scheme. For some reason I kept this picture, when I normally recycle her everyday art at this point. Using this as my inspiration I pulled fabric and started cutting.

First I cut a bunch of squares and strips. Then I slashed the squares and sewed the strips in, randomly of course. After a good press I slashed the squares in the other direction on some, creating a cross in the middle of the square. Some I left with just one strip. In less than an hour I had 14 blocks.

Who knows what this will end up as and who for? But I felt immensely better after that hour and slept well (with expected interuptions) that night. And since Hubby is not home with a paintbrush for the playhouse I will hit the basement and quilt in between loads of laundry.