350 Quilt Started

On a flight home from Toronto a few years ago I was mesmerized by the Prairie landscape below me. The neat squares of tilled land with rivers and groves of trees intersecting the agricultural production begged to be captured in a quilt. This inspirational memory is what motivated me for the 350 challenge quilt. In my employed life I work on climate change issues, particularly as it relates to agriculture, so it seems fitting.

I set out to do this quilt without a buying a single thing. Sadly, that is easier than I thought with the amount of fabric and batting scraps I have. So I found a piece of batting in a decent size and pulled fabric. The 4.5 inch squares for the front of the quilt are pulled from greens, browns, oranges, creams, and golds. Some are geometric, some floral, some hand-dyed, some tonal, some shaded, and some even ugly. I think the mix of the fabrics are a good reflection of what a year on the Prairies might look like from the air.

The deadline for 350 quilts is August 15, so I best get going on this.