Teaching a Girl

What a treat I had yesterday. Hubby's cousin was staying with us for a few days at the end of of her solo vacation. At 11 she was into shopping and babysitting. Thankfully she got her shopping out of the way with the other cousins. So while my girls were napping yesterday we decided to make her a pillowcase to take home. She knew how to sew, in general terms. I knew how to make a pillowcase, in general terms.

I did have a pillow pattern to start from. First she scavanged my stash for her favourites. She definitely has a good eye. She picked the floral and the stripe separately and they aren't even from the same line. When there wasn't enough of the floral according to the pattern, we adapted, with happy results.

Only once before have I sewn with someone with little sewing experience. You really forget how many of the terms you take for granted. Simple things like pressure foot or needle down. But once we got that sorted out, she did a great job - sewing the whole thing by herself.

And now I have some experience with pillowcases so I can get one together for the Monster.