New Contest

Generally I don't like to get preachy. I work in the environmental field and I am very bad at giving unsolicited advice, bringing on lectures about climate change quite easily. But I came across a really interested contest on Crafting A Green World and I just have to share it.

Climate change is a big deal, a really freakin' big deal. Don't buy the science? Okay, don't, but what if it's true? Isn't it worth trying, just in case it is true? I know that most of you out there have kids or grandkids, do something for them. We all know the spiel about saving energy, driving less, buy local, and on and on. And I think most of us are already making daily changes, big and small. But here is a way to express your craft and get the word out.

Bill McKibben, a prolific author and environmentalist has started a new organization to incite action on climate change. As part of their launch they are hosting a contest with Craftster. Create a project or a t-shirt design to best express the 350 message. That is - the importance of reducing the concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere to 350 parts per million. Above this number - we are already well above it - and we increase the impacts and severity of those impacts of climate change. More frequent and more severe weather, loss of habitat, rising sea levels, changes in growing seasons, migration of disease, health care cost increases, and loss of species diversity.

So, get your craft on and enter the contest. It will get you thinking about it, at the very least, while playing with our true loves of fabric, beads, thread, paint, and paper.