Snack Food

When this is what is taking up your days and nights it sure is nice to have some help around the house. We've kept the Monster in daycare for the time being. It gives me some crucial bonding and nursing time with our new baby and some quiet for Hubby to get some work done (his office is at home, in the living room). Since Elena's arrival we've had both moms down for visits. My mom planted my garden and did some cooking. And Hubby's mom did a whole bunch of baking for me.

My mother-in-law made a couple of batches of muffins and some cinnamon buns for us. First she made these chunky banana bran muffin. They look nothing like Ina's on the show or in her picture, but they sure are tasty. She also made a wholewheat peach muffin, in both "Susan" size (what I call her muffins because she refuses to fill a muffin tin and makes small muffins) and these mini ones with a new muffin tin she bought me for my birthday last week. They are good, but I need to modify the recipe a little before it's perfect.

And now I have treats to eat in the middle of the night while my baby eats her fill.