My Creative Family

My copy of Amanda Soule's book, The Creative Family, arrived this week. I've devoured it the last two mornings as the Monster and Hubby slept and I did not have to work. I LOVE this book. I was afraid it would be a book of "twelve projects to do with your kids", but it is anything but. It really is about nurturing yours and your kids' creativity; how to exploit and celebrate the natural tendencies of children. And what excellent resources in the back!

On Thursday I came home to this image on the Monster's table. Yes, she has her own table positioned between the dining room and living room. Here we take snacks, host guests, and colour with our 'marks' and 'pepe'. It must be markers, of course. Crayons only get dumped for a game of 64 pick-up and pencil crayons are just not as appealing. It might have something to do with not getting marks on our hands with them! Or, as you can see, on the table itself... I refuse to clean it off as I love the way it looks and shows her exuberance for colouring.

When she decides it is time for colouring she pulls out one of the old school chairs that sits on either side of the table, opens a marker - our favourite colours are yellow, pink, and green right now - and makes some tentative marks. If either I or Hubby are nearby she gets off her chair walks around to the other one, pulls it out, pats the seat and says, "Shit down, Mommy, shit down." (Yes, that is how it sounds.) So we sit down with her and she promptly tells us what she wants us to draw. Lately that's been "hoppies" (that's a hoppie that Hubby drew in the photo) and fish, sometimes a baby. We also both like to just doodle graphic images of dots, stripes, or squiggles.

In the coming weeks I hope to take so much of this messy paper and make some cards. Heck, it's time to celebrate her creativity! Besides, Dido (my dad) is fighting cancer, my boss is in the hospital awaiting a heart transplant, and there are lots of other people around that the simple act of receiving real mail, especially that decorated by an unabashed toddler, is sure to put a smile on their face.